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While juggling house-husband duties, getting kids off to school, and maintaining a musician identity, we can create most any custom order with enough advance notice. Contact Brian any time.

January 2020 – A customer provided very specific measurements and instructions for the items he wanted to keep in this box. It includes an interior divider, creating a smaller channel 2″ from one side. The interior is lined and built with Aromatic Cedar. Let us build something for you!

August 2019 – A gift to Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman Stick musical instrument. This is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the discovery of his “Free Hands” technique of guitar playing…which led to his creation of the Chapman Stick five years later.

March 2019 – We have fun creating things we’ve never done before…like these two twin roll-top boxes modelled after the original (dark colored) that the customer provided, with Oak plywood from a desk built by her late husband! This local patron wanted to give roll-top boxes to her children, like the one they grew up…but from a desk that her late husband created. She also found where her husband had signed a small piece of trim, so we worked that into one of the boxes. The two side pieces and bottom are from the Oak plywood desk. The rest is Maple and Walnut, with Wenge and Padauk around the nameplate piece.

February 2018 – Our largest box yet! Custom designed to hold 18 spools of leather working thread. Measuring at 32 X 17 X 7.5 cm. Two interior channels of Maple each measuring 14 X 14 X 6 cm. Made of Cherry with Purple Heart corner pins and a 33-piece mosaic top. Finished with Tung Oil and bees wax. All the bells and whistles here!

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January 2018 – A mid-sized (palm size) friction-top box was designed for special game cards for a role playing game. This custom order measures at 15 X 10 X 4.5cm with a Padauk base, single channel Maple interior, and a 19-piece laminate mosaic top. Brian incorporated Purple Heart accents with locally grown Lilac to match the game cards. Finished with Tung Oil and local bees wax.

IMG_5229 IMG_5231 IMG_5233 IMG_5234

October 2017 – This custom Chess Piece container was ordered by a Fort Qu’Appelle couple. Designed to hold official tournament-sized pieces, the customer requested a slide lid box with a base wood of Cherry and a wax, satin smooth finish. Brian came up with a “chess-theme” 24-piece laminate lid. This box also features two interior compartments: a black side (Wenge) and a white side (Maple). Larger than our standard Friction-top boxes, this measures at 28 X 17.5 X 8cm (11 X 7 X 3 1/4 in)

IMG_4755 IMG_4753 IMG_4746 IMG_4742 IMG_4749

May 2016 – Custom picture frame. Made from Wenge (1cm thick, 4cm wide). Tung oiled with clear coat sealer.


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