Chapman Stick Lap Bars

(Varieties from our 2nd production run Sept 2021)

For players of the Chapman Stick. A Lap Bar can make lengthy rehearsing and performing more comfortable in a seated position. The Lap Bar lies flat on each thigh while the Stick’s belt hook straddles the thin, middle section.

Brian Baggett on Lap Bar use and advantages: “I made one for myself about three years ago when I started feeling slight pain in my lower back due to wearing an external belt for Stick playing. The Lap Bar puts the instrument’s light weight on your thighs instead of pulling a belt down your lower back.”

Each Lap Bar is made with a triple laminate of hardwood and measure at 50×4.2×1.8 cm (19.5x2x.75 in). And each feature decorative end pieces in Brian Baggett’s signature mosaic designs (no two are alike).

$125 Canadian Dollars each, plus $30 shipping to Canada & the US, or $45 shipping world wide.

Current Lap Bar inventory.

Walnut with Padauk. Decorative pieces of locally harvested Burled Maple, Manitoba Maple, Yellow Tarara, Mahogany, and Wenge

Padauk with Maple

Purple Heart with Walnut


Hi Brian, I have now done some longer practice sessions with the lap bar and have already gotten used to it. The playing position is only minimally different than usual and really relaxed. Thanks again and the lap bar is really beautiful and absolutely unique.” – A. Kaeding (Germany) 

“Got my wonderful LapBar from Brian Baggett a few weeks back! Not only is it functional, it’s a piece of art by itself! Thank you Brian for this awesome piece!!” – R. Mukerji (Maryland, USA)

Thank you, Brian. I received this beautiful piece of art. And it’s really comfortable to play the Stick with this. I love it!” – T. Kuwahara (Japan)

Dear Brian, the Lap Bar is fantastic!” – O. Mannel (Switzerland)

Hello Brian, Your Lap Bar arrived at my house without any problem. It’s really a beautiful object. I hope to make beautiful music with it. It has already found its place on my Stick. Thanks again and good luck. Best regards.” – O. Chabasse (France)

Boy, Brian, I have to say, honestly, the lap bar is one of the most beautiful man-made objects I have ever held in my hands.  Seriously!  An absolutely stunning choice and marriage of woods, all beautifully assembled into a work of art!  Thank you Thank you!” – B. Farmer (Michigan, USA)