TAGG Interface

The TAGG Interface is a hand crafted wood block that mounts a Chapman Stick to a piece of percussion hardware or cymbal stand.

Created by John Taggart (former guitar tech with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks solo, and others), and later crafted by Steve Sawyer, the TAGG interface allows the Stick player complete freedom from wearing the instrument. Mounted firmly on a stand of your choosing, the Stick is there, ready to go. No shoulder strap or belt needed.

Now handcrafted by Brian Baggett Wood Craft. Brian has kept John Taggart’s practical design, cut from Maple and Walnut. Many thanks to John, Gene Perry and the Freehands Academy for making this product available to Brian Baggett Wood Craft.

Check out Freehands Academy Episode #74 for talk on the TAGG, as well as its history dating back to 1995.

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Stick player Kevin Keith performing with one of the original TAGG Interfaces.

Mounted on a cymbal stand, the connection hole is 3 1/2″ deep and tapered from 13/32″ (10mm) wide to 5/16″ (8mm) wide.

A 1/4″ 20 threaded Wing Knob tightens the block to the cymbal stand.

The Stick’s belt hook straddles the front half of the Interface block, with the long part of the belt hook sliding in between the two Walnut clips.