“The boxes are beautiful! Just what we were looking for! Extra cool that they were made from reclaimed wood from a piano. Thanks again!” – M. Hindman – TX, USA (October 2023). * Custom ordered MID Sized Friction Top boxes as gifts for two sisters. Two separate Mosaic tops were intertwined with an hourglass motif. Boxes were made of Ash from a discarded upright piano.

“The box arrived today in perfect order. More beautiful than it appeared in the photos–which is to be expected. When I’m holding it and can feel the warmth, see the patterns in the grain and the colors of the different woods, I can fully appreciate it as a work of art and superior craftsmanship. It’s a treasure and will be cared for. Thank you.” L. Donahue – Prince Albert, SK (March 2021)

Hello Brian…Just a note to say how happy I am with my brother’s Urn. I love gazing at it and seeing ever more detail and nuance and meaning … including curves that transcend the linear cuts of wood. Magnificent. I have been sending out pictures to close friends in celebration. All agree that it is beautiful. One person likened it to ‘sacred stained glass designs’. Thank you again for your art and your receptivity and communication skills. Many blessings…D. Brown – Rocanville, SK (August 2020)

The craftsmanship in this box is exquisite. And with the personalized message inside the lid, it made the gift even more special. Edwina and I also feel that the hour glass motif makes this gift even more meaningful as a remembrances of our life’s journey thus far. Thank you so much Brian!George F. Maninowski – Watervliet, NY (June 2020)

“Brian’s work is visually stunning, and is quite unlike any other wood-craft I have encountered. The masterful attention to detail, the rhythm and harmony of each composite piece, and the inspired colour palettes combine to create an authentically singular product. I have purchased both simple and elaborately designed works from Brian, and each is charming and beautiful in its own way. The consideration of the senses extends to both smell and touch, with a fragrant scent and velvet feel. For this reason, these pieces transcend the experience of a traditional painting or sculpture. It seems preposterous that in addition to all of this, these boxes also serve a practical purpose. These are truly works of art, and I cherish those that I own as such.” Quin C. Grieg – Regina, SK (April 2020)

“Hi Brian – Just wanted to let you know how much my husband is enjoying the box I ordered from you. I gave it to him for Christmas , he has it on the end table where he sits, keeps all his ‘bits’ in it that he needs throughout the day. I also am enjoying it, besides the fact that it’s beautiful to look at, I don’t have to look at all of his stuff now , more a gift for me than  for him, hahaha. Love your work.” Bernice R. – Saskatoon, SK (January 2019)

We have admired Brian’s wood products for some time and had planned to purchase one of the many styles of boxes he produces but in the end pursued another option. We asked Brian if he would consider making a box that would accommodate tournament size chess pieces. He accepted the challenge and the result was a wonderful piece! It is more than a handsome wooden box. It incorporates different varieties and colors of wood he has artfully linked to the game of chess. We enjoyed working with Brian on the project and are more than pleased with the result! Thank you BrianJill & Jerry Whiting – Fort Qu’Appelle, SK (Fall 2017)

“I am delighted to have received my slider box from Brian Baggett Woodcraft. The box was well packed, and arrived in Texas from Canada in perfect shape. Besides being very nicely crafted and having the wonderful aroma of hand rubbed oil on wood, the finish is just gorgeous. The color is rich and deep and picks up the grain of the wood beautifully – pictures just do not do it justice. If you’re looking to make a premium impression, this is the gift box for you.”  Jef Waltman – San Antonio, TX  (June 2016)

“I purchased a walnut box with a sliding zebra wood top for my husband. This box is perfect for hiding everyday clutter such as coins, keys, or jewelry. The box is beautifully hand crafted with high quality wood. The top slides easily and the wood is gorgeous. I received the hand-made box promptly and my husband loved his gift! We plan to buy more boxes to share with friends and family.”   Carol Partin – McGregor, TX  (June 2016)

I really love Brian’s wooden boxes. They are exquisitely crafted–the lids somehow fit just perfectly and the corners of the box feel smooth under your thumb. I also love the mix of speciality woods Brian uses in his the boxes. My favourite is the zebra wood!  Paul Sinclair – Fort Qu’Appelle, SK (May 2016)

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